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Expertise Dipl. Psych. Anne Denk

Educational training

2015:Approval and doctor's registration since March 2015

2004-2009: Psychologist, University of Freiburg

2010-2015: Psychotherapist (PP), University Freiburg.

2012-2014:EMDR Therapist 

(EMDRIA), Berlin

2012: Natural Health Coach

2013:Wingwave Coach

(Better Siegmund Institute Hamburg & Eilert Academy Berlin)

2014: Brainspotting Trainer 

(Brainspotting Institute Berlin)

2016-2017: Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa Peer, London

2018:Neurofeedback Training, Seattle, USA

2018:Robbins-Madanes Training, USA

social commitment

2004-today: Counselor and Facilitator at Women´s Shelter, Freiburg. 

2005-2009:Counseling Facilitator at Turning Point 

against sexual abuse.

12/2009 to 3/2010:KEEN London. Facilitator for children with special needs.


2004-2009: University diploma (Psychologist)

2007-2008: Psychologist at Women´s hospital Basel (UFK, gynecologic community medicine &_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_psychosomatics)


Psychotherapist at University Hospital Freiburg &_cc781905-5cde-6b3bhöhe518d_Liburg

2013-2015:Psychotherapist at University Clinic, Freiburg

2014-today: Anne Denk private practice in Freiburg

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