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I`m Anne.

As a psychologist, psychotherapist and coach, everything in my world revolves around:  Growing internally and externally in order to be able to let go of what blocks, frustrates, scares or holds you back.  

Regardless of whether it is the boss who is looking for clarity for the next operational step; the woman who wants to get rid of her panic attacks and work through the trauma behind them; or the visionary who is searching for her destiny and can't decide who she really wants to be - my work unites them all.

How it all began for me 

I (born in 1983) studied psychology in Freiburg because I was always interested in how all the pieces of the puzzle of the soul can work together so that inner strength develops and can be lived. During my studies, I started to get involved in the women's shelter in Freiburg and did voluntary work at Wendepunkt, a counseling center against sexual abuse. There I was confronted with biographies that were determined by experienced and passed on violence as well as inner hardness and contempt for oneself and others.


Inspired around the world

Shaken up by these experiences, I began training as a psychological psychotherapist ( and as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. Dissatisfied with current therapy methods and driven by my will and passion to achieve better results in my work, I acquired additional skillsn.

Here is a brief overview of my most important degrees: 


  • Psychologist 

  • Psychological psychotherapist (license to practice medicine, proof of specialist knowledge in behavioral therapy)

  • certified EMDR therapist (German scientific association Emdria) 

  • Wingwave® Coach

  • Hypnotherapist (Clinical Hypnotherapist, MPMH, English certificate)

  • Brainspotting Therapist

  • Further training in schema therapy and IFS (Inner Family System)

In my own practice

I first worked at the UPK Basel as a psychologist in the field of gynecological social medicine and psychosomatics and at the university outpatient clinic of the Psychological Institute in Freiburg. I then gained further expertise as a ward psychologist in the psychiatric clinics in Freiburg and Offenburg as well as in the teaching practice in Zuber, and at the same time I set up my own practice.

By accident coacI watched a few athletes and became more and more interested in performance and capability. Since my approach of working with EMDR in professional sports was very successful, more and more professional athletes came to me for coaching. I gave lectures on EMDR and Peak Performance (e.g. Athleticon). 

As a psychological supporter of the international personal development festival “A-Fest” ( I worked with people from all over the world and also started to work in individual coaching and therapy in English. 

During my training as a psychotherapist, I specialized in trauma therapy right from the start and mainly worked with women.

I noticed that every single client formulated “a little more self-esteem” in their goals. She asked her supervisors how to get that much-coveted self-esteem. The general answer was: “Everyone wants to. It's hard to come by.” Dissatisfied with this statement, she began to look for ways to improve her self-esteem in various areas. Today she passes on the knowledge she has gained from trauma therapy, high-performance coaching and her 12 years of practical experience in therapy and coaching in her self-esteem coaching sessions and workshops (webpage psychotherapy:

Science and spirituality are allowed to complement each other

In my work, it is very important to me to use methods that have been scientifically proven. EMDR is unbeatable here - one of the most scientifically researched and proven methods that we currently have. 

At the same time, I am a spiritual person and I am very open to everything that we cannot (yet) grasp. Spirituality can be an invaluable resource. However, I also see many people who hope for a guidance from their spirituality that is similar to the surrender of responsibility. 

I am very happy to accompany people who are interested in this in their spiritual processes. I really enjoy this. 

But my work also works completely without spirituality.

Always have one foot in the resource

In my work, I focus on hope, because there is always a chance for change in the now. Everything has been learned and everything learned can be unlearned. Even massive traumatic experiences can be processed and left behind. The key is to use the neuroplasticity (adaptability) of the brain in the right way, because then many things become possible. Suddenly self-care and self-soothing can be applied without resistance and the ability to empower yourself becomes accessible. My motto is: If something doesn't work, do something else!

To be proud of psychotherapy

My vision is that inner work becomes as natural as regular check-ups at the dentist. that we are proud to invest in our own development and to work on our inner strength. I am enormously proud of my own growth processes and would never want to be without them.

I did Additional training as an EMDR therapist (, clinical hypnotherapist (C.Hyp., MPMH, English certificate), Wingwave® coach (Besser Siegmund Institute Hamburg and Eilert Academy Berlin) and Brainspotting (Brainspotting Institute Berlin). In the USA she attended neurofeedback training, took part in workshops on peak performance and completed the Robbins Madanes Coach training.

Professional CV: 

2004-2009: Psychology studies at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg

2007-2008: Psychologin am Frauenspital Basel (UFK, gynecological social medicine and psychosomatics)

2011-2013:Psychotherapist an der Universitätsklinik Freiburg und der Klinik Lindenhöhe Offenburg.

2013-2015:Psychotherapeutin at the university outpatient clinic of the Psychological Institute Freiburg and in the Zuber practice

SinceFebruary 2014: In private Practice for psychotherapy and emotion coaching

since2017: Psychologischer Support  A-Fest, internationales Self-development -Festival, Organisator:_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Mindvalley 

Aus-  and further education: 

2010-2015: Training as a psychological psychotherapist (PP) at the FAVT Freiburg.

2015: Approval and medical register entry since March 2015

2012-2014:EMDR training (EMDRIA)

2012: Heilpraktikerin for psychotherapy

2013: Training as a wingwave coach (Besser Siegmund Institute Hamburg and Eilert Academy Berlin)

2014:Brainspotting training (Brainspotting Institute Berlin)

2016-2017:Hypnotherapy/Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa Peer, London

2018:Neurofeedback Training, Seattle, USA

2018:Robbins-Madanes Training, USA

2019-2020:NLP Training, Toronto

Social commitment: 

Since2004: Frauenhaus Freiburg. Counseling, care and accommodation for mentally and physically threatened women and their children on emergency services.

2005-2009:Turning point Freiburg, counseling center against sexual abuse. Telephone clarification, counseling and crisis intervention.

Dec 2009 - Apr. 2010: KEEN London. Sports - care for physically and mentally handicapped children and young people.

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