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Coaching means growth in the direction you want.


We develop strategies for your goals - but above all I dive into the world of biographical imprints and blockages with you. Because strategies are worth nothing if you can't implement them at the behavioral level. What blocks us is less the lack of knowledge - but that we cannot implement our knowledge on the nervous system level.

You can find my current coaching offer here:

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1:1 Coaching Journey

Support for people with responsibility

What it is: Coaching for people on the path to growth who want to change disruptive patterns in a targeted manner and are willing to clean up inside and out. 

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Online group coaching

Radical Re-Patterning

What it is: Trauma-informed group coaching on the road to success for women who are tired of self-doubt and self-sabotage and ready to clean up inside and out. 

1:1 coaching journey for women 


What it is: THE YOU JOURNEY is my coaching program for women who want to discover and explore themselves. Her joy, her pain, her confidence, her strength, her inner hero. 

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