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self worth
for women

Stop fighting alone!

Conquer your confidence shared with others women.

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Ending with the self-doubt

In the course of Covid-19 we have for Tinkered with you and made sure that the self-worth workshops go online. Because in difficult times counts especially: We have to stick together and make each other great. Together we have the power! This online workshop starts with your journey, to leave self-doubt and fears behind you. Wir take care of us about topics and Blocks that specifically prevent women from feeling good enough, authentic and capable. 

 Du wünscht dir, dich richtig mögen zu können und entspannt in einem Raum voller_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_People to be. 

  • So that you no longer have to doubt  so much ; 

  • about it ponder must, what others think about you; 

  • that you astop canst, you permanently reliable:

Exactly for this that was made Self-worth training created.

What we are doing there: 

  • Wir create Clarity about how your self-esteem developed ist

  • We define detailed, how you would like to feel 

  • We use effective techniques from psychology, coaching and neuroscience to help you get closer to the self-esteem you dream of._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136d_bad5cf


Are you shy or do you have stomach cramps at the thought of the_cc781905-93d_bb3b55 group?

Cordially Welcome! Wir create together a magic 

Group atmosphere, the of our participants 

as connecting, wholesome and beneficial . 

Date: 06.06.2020 and 13.06.2020 

Location:Online, all information on registration

Management: Anne Denk and Géraldine mormine

Costs:Graduated prices, seehere

Information and registration:If you are interested write one Email Anne at



In Modul 2 schauen wir auf die Themen, die Frauen bezogen auf ihr Selbstwertgefühl am Belastendsten finden._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


  • If you have no idea how to accept yourself as you are;

  • If your perfectionism stands in your way;

  • If you are afraid before mistakes lieber do nothing and out of fear, e.gto be rejected rather say nothing,

then module 2 is right for you. 

The 2 workshop days to lead you through a process that will help you accept yourself better. You start to separate yourself more relaxed and to be more relaxed with yourself. and you himlive a magic groupaatmosphere that supports you and allows you to have new experiences.  

Module 2 is also open for participants, die still not participated in module 1 .

Workshop leader:Anne Denk

Meeting:To be published.  

Location: Freiburg 

Costs:Graduated prices, seehere

Registration and questions: If you are interested write one Email Anne at



"My expectations were exceeded. It was wonderful and I learned so many new things about myself, and many things became clearer to me.

It was a good experience opening up to the group. It felt right and bold."  

Sophia H. 

"I like to think back to this inspiring workshop and it always puts a smile on my face when I think about the many great experiences and moments that we experienced together in the group! It left a lasting impression and strengthened me! More of this !"

Evi W.

"It was so beneficial to experience that everyone has their story, their insecurities, their doubts, you shared it, you no longer felt alone with your issues, you found like-minded people, allies and we are all very appreciative and understanding You were as leaders of this workshop so great, knowledgeable, supportive, guiding, inspiring confidence, committed, emotional and motivating. You are exactly the right people for this! You complement each other in your abilities and skills so mega good! And we were allowed to take in the concentrated load of your treasures. Thank you very much!"

Tanya U

"Many thanks to both of you for doing this workshop. There was so much work and heart and soul this weekend. You have created a wonderful place for a theoretical, practical, individual and open discussion of the topic . I hope there will be a sequel and that many other women will also have the chance to have this valuable experience."

Sabrina H

"It was the experience of being carried by the group and not having to hide with anything and at the same time being able to register all my needs."

Ellen M

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