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There is a lot of self-help literature out there that tells us: "Just believe in yourself"and "Just believe you are good enough". 

Most of them don´t describe HOW to do that. 

How can we become the person we want to be? The key is to know how to take control over your thoughts, feelings and behavior

In the last 12 years I researched how to do that in different fields like psychology, neuroscience, social & human needs psychology, spirituality, sports and diverse coaching modalities. 


My findings changed my life completely and made it so much better in a lot of ways. Today, I teach this knowledge in my coaching, workshops and speeches and help my clients to transform themselves - confidence, mental strength and high self-worth included. 

Educational Trainings

2015: Approbation and doctor´s registration since March 2015

2004-2009: Psychologist, University Freiburg

2010-2015: Psychotherapist (PP), University Freiburg.

2012-2014: EMDR Therapist 

(EMDRIA), Berlin

2012: Natural Health Coach

2013: Wingwave Coach

(Besser-Siegmund-Institute Hamburg & Eilert Academy Berlin)

2014: Brainspotting Trainer 

(Brainspotting-Institute Berlin)

2016-2017: Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa Peer, London

2018: Neurofeedback-Training, Seattle, USA

2018: Robbins-Madanes-Training, USA

Social Engagement

2004-today: Counselor and Facilitator at Women´s Shelter, Freiburg. 

2005-2009: Facilitator at Turning Point Freiburg, Counselling Center 

against Sexual Abuse.

12/2009 bis 3/2010: KEEN London. Facilitator for children with special needs.


2004-2009: University diploma (Psychologist)

2007-2008: Psychologist at Women´s hospital Basel (UFK, gynecologic community medicine & psychosomatics)


Psychotherapist at University Hospital Freiburg & Lindenhöhe Offenburg

2013-2015: Psychotherapist at University Clinic, Freiburg

2014-today: Anne Denk Private Practice in Freiburg

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