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You are a responsible person. You want to become more and grow. You are looking for a professional sparring partner who will pick you up at the business/emotional interface. And you don't just want to talk, you want to experience concrete change processes. 

Coaching means growth. Growth in the direction you want.

The special thing about my coaching offer is that I have access to two worlds.

I develop strategies with you - and dive into the world of biographical influences and blockages with you. Because strategies are worth nothing if you can't implement them at the behavioral level. What blocks us is less the lack of knowledge - but that we cannot implement our knowledge on the nervous system level. 


You have a goal or a longing desire and you don't want to waste any more time trying to do it alone? 


Do you have a goal and haven't known for a while how to achieve this goal on your own?

Are you really motivated to achieve this goal and don't want to waste time?

Do you notice how frustrated, stressed or annoyed that you haven't reached your goal yet and are therefore doubting yourself?

Do you already feel limitations from not being able to reach your goal?

Are you either - extremely confident and know that you can do it with the right strategy - or you don't really believe in yourself yet and are sure that you could never do it on your own?

Are you aware that there is no overnight fix and are you really willing to put in the work to hit the reset button?

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