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Radical Re-Patterning:

For a life without self-underestimation.

My mission is to bring you, as a woman, to blossom and your full rays  want to discover in the world, and at the same time ready to go really deep  to help everyone Finally leave behind forms of self-sabotage such as self-insecurity, self-doubt and the eternal not-good-enough feeling.  


To do that, we are radically working on all the internal inspectthat keep you from your highest potential. 


I will teach you the knowledge you need to master yourself, guide you through deep transformation processes and show you how you can use my tools later to climb further levels on your own. 


do you fight


  • the feeling of not being good enough, do you feel inferior and are you afraid that it will soon come out that you really can't do anything?

  • Self-doubt and nasty inner voices and the fear of doing something wrong or being rejected is your constant companion? 

  • Perfectionism, do you work way too much or sometimes don't even start because you are so overwhelmed by your own perfectionist demands?

  • Are you afraid of not being liked and being weird, not really fitting in and actually not being liked at all?

If  you are tired of constantly underestimating yourself and you feel that you finally want to discover your radiance and live without lazy compromises, then you've come to the right place.


In my 12 years of work as a mentor and psychotherapist, I have supported hundreds of women with a longing for more to bring their vision of a valuable, radiant self into life and to remove all inner blocking rules._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

I know what it means to feel insecure, disoriented and not enough. For years I struggled with it myself and sabotages me. Due to my thirst for change and my enormous love for learning, I have learned not only groundbreaking psychotherapeutic methods, but also coaching processes and peak performance techniques and combined them until I found a methodology that made my self-esteem and my resilience strong in the long term. This methodology allows me to make a big impact today with women like you who have the same hunger for change haben. 


If you have the same longing to blossom and your very own  to bring rays into the world, I'll show you how  turn your resilience into personal excellence. 


I will help you with it,

  • Finding clarity about what patterns/beliefs from the past are still holding you back. 

  • old patterns of self-deprecation, self-banishment, lack of self-love and breaking up insecurity.

  • to define exactly what you really want and how  the brightest version of yourself looks.

  • tackle procrastination and inner resistance so that you reach your goals step by step and with loving relaxation. 

  • how you relapses as  perceive quite naturally and for yours Growth Process.

Radical-Repatterning is a 10-month mentoring container that combines the best change processes from coaching and therapy. If you are ready to go deep and leave no stone unturned, then this mentoring is for you. 

Here you can see the exact process:

Kopie von HEALINg SHIFT.jpg
 2021 mai anne portraits juditmaierphotography --26_edited.jpg



For a life without a doubt 

Trauma-informed mentoring for women on the path to success who have overcome self-doubt and self-sabotage and are willing to clean up inside and out. 

This is how it works:


Together we understand exactly: What is negative, blocking, frustrating, annoying, difficult in your life? And what do you wish for, what do you long for instead? We record your goals and make them measurable. 

We find out where the blockages you are struggling with come from, because that is the first important prerequisite for change. 

We will develop a blueprint for you and you will receive an individual program tailored to your pattern, which we will work with over the next few months (including personal process documentation on Trello that you can use for the rest of your life).    

Phase 1: Healing phase.

We bring your unconscious mind on board and   explore which blockages are stored in your unconscious mind and immediately set the first impulses for change. 

Stage 2: Self Sabotage Mastery:

The more clarity you get and the more change impulses we set in your unconscious mind, the more resistance naturally arises. Because your brain doesn't like change very much, no matter how positive it would be for you. Your brain wants everything to stay the same, because that's not what killed you. And that's your brain's job: making sure you stay alive. Your brain does not yet know whether the new thing you want to bring into your life could be potentially threatening. So it's against it. And that's what we call resistance, which likes to manifest itself as self-sabotage, procrastination, defiance, "laziness", fear, paralysis, being overwhelmed and so on. This phase of your process is all about using tools that will get your brain familiar with the "new" in your life as quickly as possible so that you can also implement the transformation that happened in the Healing phase._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Phase 3: Future Mastery. 

Through such deep work as we do together in Radical Repatterning, your goals usually change or refine. With more clarity, self-love and self-esteem, new dreams and visions arise. You've reached a new level and now it's time to get into action and act boldly. In this phase you will learn how to connect with yourself in order to create a deep inner stability from which you can assert yourself, claim your needs and make yourself authentically visible in what you want.  


Stage 4: Daily Design

In this phase we first celebrate what you have mastered, because it is incredible! So much clarity, empowerment and wise knowledge about you has come to you and you can just enjoy. Then we set about designing your days, weeks and months to be filled with what means the most to you, empowering and nourishing you. You will learn to use all the processes that you have gotten to know through me for yourself. And to continuously shape your life with it, so that you can go through life full of self-love and relaxation. 

Radical Repatterning Mentoring is for you if:  

- you still believe that you will get rid of the nagging not-good-enough-getting-down by becoming thinner, more successful, nicer, more extroverted, more achievement-oriented, more perfect. And at the same time you realize that this is exactly what makes you powerless, numb, confused, overwhelmed, sad or frustrated.  

Radical Re-Patterning isn't for you if you

- you are suffering from an acute mental illness. RR is a coaching program and requires a good level of stability, emotional resilience and personal responsibility. If you need help finding a good psychotherapist, watch my video How to find a good psychotherapist here. 

- are looking for someone to follow the "I'll heal you in one session" marketing path. Profound changes can be made in a short period of time, but no one can predict whether this will happen in an individual case. It's always a combination of the layers of one's history, one's nervous system, and the level of trauma one has experienced and one's ability to keep up with "homework" on a daily basis as to how "quickly" change will happen. Anyone who says "quickly" is walking on thin ice. As you can see from my history and the techniques I'm trained in, efficiency is one of the great values my work is designed around. However, I consider it dangerous and unprofessional to promise speed. In the end, someone always falls through the cracks with such promises. 

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