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Medium Dive: Design your present

You get: 

  • Clarity about the origin of your self-doubt

  • A powerful strategy to overwrite your self-doubt

  • A unique assertiveness training that gives you the confidence you long for

  • An individualized workbook to continue your work at home

  • Emotional Grit Training

  • The ability to communicate your needs 

  • Safe navigation through conflicts




Interested? Book a free 50-min. Call with me and find out if it´s for you.

Package includes: 

Clarity-Call (50 Minutes)


Awareness-Session (2 Hours)

Transformation-Session (2 Hours)

Emotion Control Session (1 Stunde)

Assignment-Call (1 Stunde)

Check-in (30 min)

Abschluss (1 Stunde)



* Sessions are held with Zoom or Skype. 


​This program is a Coaching-Program. If you are diagnosed with a DSM-5 disorder, please talk to your psychiatrist or psychotherapist. This program doesn't replace psychotherapy, but it can be a useful addition. 

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